3 Instagram Challenges That Will Surely Motivate You


I love Instagram, maybe more than Facebook or any other social media. Using a #hashtag as a secret weapon, Instagram helps you target the audience of your account and find instantly everything you want. I mean, everything! A very creative feature of Instagram is challenges. If you are an IG addict like me, you might already know them. In particular, in the fitness, yoga and dance world, there are many interesting challenges hosted and sponsored by companies or fitness experts every month. Participating in a challenge is always a great way to work on a specific area fitness-wise, e.g. handstands, poleflow, pole tricks, discover new accounts, find more followers or simply be a part of a fun community where everyone shares the same interest.

So, from now on I will share with you my favourite monthly or weekly IG challenges that have to do with pole dance, yoga, fitness or general health improvement. And here they are for February:

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